Ultimate Hypnobirthing Class

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This class is designed to empower both you and your birthing partner by equipping you with practical tools so you can stay calm, in control and confident throughout your birth.

Learn what to expect, be informed and be prepared, with the Ultimate Hypnobirthing Class. Includes:

  • Convenient Hypnobirthing options for you to choose from:
    Option 1: Ultimate Hypnobirthing Class only (ideal for those who’ve completed or booked their childbirth education already)
    Option 2: Ultimate Hypnobirthing Class + Ultimate Childbirth Class
  • Class recording to watch back when you want
  • Both options include Hypnobirthing tracks x4 and a scripted guided relaxation
  • Taught by the country’s leading Midwife Hypnobirthing Instructors

What’s included in our Ultimate Hypnobirthing Class

Here at The Baby Academy, we have created a whole toolkit of practical hypnobirthing skills, to help you birth calmly and confidently:

  • Hypnobirthing Tracks: The must-haves
  • Birthing hormones: How to optimise them
  • Understanding key anchors
  • Your Hypnobirthing Toolkit
  • Breathing Techniques
  • TENS Machine advice
  • Understanding perineal massage techniques
  • Optimal positions for birthing
  • Aromatherapy & acupressure tactics
  • The Baby Academy’s positive affirmations
  • Your decision-making criteria

What’s included in our Ultimate Childbirth Class

Improve your parenting knowledge from labour through to postpartum (plus bonus Baby First Aid included in the class).


  • Physical changes
  • Best positions for labor
  • When to go to hospital
  • Your birth preferences
  • Breathing techniques
  • Understanding pain relief options
  • Top tips for your hospital bag checklist


  • Birthing positions
  • Birthing your baby
  • The Placenta
  • Role of support person
  • Skin to skin tips

Potential Complications

  • Planned and unplanned c-sections
  • Instrumental births
  • Induction of labor

Your First 100 Days as Parents

  • Breast changes
  • How to know when baby is hungry
  • Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding
  • Position & latch
  • Winding tips
  • Sterilising
  • Bonding tips
  • Postpartum depression
  • Understanding the Baby Blues

Baby First Aid: Choking & CPR

  • Baby Choking
  • Baby CPR
  • Recovery Position
  • Burns
  • Baby-proofing your home
  • Safe car seat use
  • Safe sling use

How we help new moms prepare for a calm and positive birthing experience

3 Reasons Why Moms Choose The Baby Academy’s Class

A Modern Alternative

  • Science has shown that your child’s health begins in pregnancy
  • We’re not stuck in the dark ages. Our emphasis is on the practical, and we draw on the very latest evidence-based research
  • You will leave our class fully prepared and confident to make your own well-informed decisions

Ongoing Support

  • Access to a suite of additional resources, like informative videos and content relevant to your stage of pregnancy
  • Access recording of the classes you attend, allowing you to look over any sections you need a refresher on in the weeks leading up to birth

The Country’s Leading Experts

  • We draw from some of the brightest minds in patient-centred healthcare to provide unrivalled Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Education
  • Not only are our instructors the most highly qualified and experienced midwives, but they are also engaging, entertaining and inspiring
  • Knowing that you are learning from the best gives you the confidence to make the decisions that work best for you and your baby

What our customers say about us

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