Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

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Although breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally and is a skill that you (and baby!) can learn. Learn from the country’s leading Lactation Consultants and be prepared for breastfeeding success with this 3.5-hour live online class.

  • How to tell if your baby is hungry
  • Positions for optimal feeding
  • Mastering your baby’s latch
  • Is my baby getting enough milk?
  • How to avoid and resolve potential challenges
  • Growth spurts & cluster feeding
  • Expressing, pumping, and storing
  • Weaning baby off the breast
    + Much More

You do not require a video or microphone, as you are not required to be seen or to speak at the class. You can ask any questions you have in the live chat and our Instructor will be delighted to answer any queries you have.

Tailor-Made Class Content

Be prepared and build your confidence. Feel empowered to achieve your breastfeeding goals. Our Ultimate Breastfeeding Class covers everything you need to know:

The Key Skills to Successful Breastfeeding

  • Perfect positioning
  • Ensuring the right latch
  • When is the baby full?
  • Feeding schedules
  • Cluster feeding
  • Breastfeeding on demand
  • Which breast and when?

Breastfeeding Challenges: How to Avoid/Resolve Breastfeeding Challenges

  • Your baby’s feeding pattern
  • So you think you have low milk supply?
  • Breastfeeding after Surgery
  • Power Pumping
  • The Letdown Reflex
  • Breast Engorgement
  • Managing a Blocked Milk Ducts
  • Recognising and Managing Mastitis
  • Preventing and Soothing Sore Nipples
  • Tongue Tie
  • Treating Thrush
  • Breast Refusal

Pumping, Expressing, Storage and Transitioning to Daily/Work Life

  • Hand expressing
  • Expressing & pumping breastmilk
  • When might I need to buy a pump?
  • Storing and using breast milk
  • Tips for breastfeeding in public
  • The two-top method
  • Support network & Ending your milk tribe
  • 6 steps to transition back to work – preparation is vital
  • Why might we build a stash?
  • How long should I breastfeed for?
  • Weaning baby off the breast
  • Paced or responsive bottle feeding

4 Reasons Why Moms Choose The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Live and Interactive

  • The class is live and takes place on our tailored online platform.
  • Attendees have the ability to ask questions and this best replicated a real-life class.
  • You can also ask any follow-up questions you may have.

Access for 6 Months

  • The live class takes place over the course of 3.5 hours, with time for breaks to grab a bite to eat and stretch the legs and you will have access to the class recording for 6 months after class completion.

Ongoing Resources

  • You will receive access to our resource page, where you can access a suite of practical resources to help you and your baby on your breastfeeding journey.
  • You will also receive a copy of the class notes, which you can refer back to on your phone, laptop, or desktop at any time.

Learn from the Experts

  • We know that great education starts with one thing: Great teaching. Our class is delivered by our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).
  • Our emphasis is on practical skills, and our instructors draw on the very latest evidence-based research.
  • Learning from experts gives you the confidence, knowledge, and skills to be prepared and to make the decisions that work best for you and your baby.

What our customers say about us

  • Kate MurphyKate Murphy

    First Six Weeks at Home Class - Great class! Would definitely recommend. The presenter was amazing! She was very personable and informative. The content was very relevant and a great balance of what mom can expect to experience with her postpartum (emotionally, physically, mentally) and what to expect in baby.

  • kb3685kb3685

    I attended almost all of the free Baby Academy classes as well as a few paid ones in preparation for my first baby. Some were more helpful than others but I would still recommend taking every class you can. I found the Baby Development, Baby Safety and Breastfeeding classes to be the most helpful to me personally but the general Baby Care Class is also a MUST attend for everyone. The best part of these classes is that there is a live Q&A and sometimes that was as helpful as the information in the session itself. I even may re-attend some of the classes (like the starting solids one) as my little guy gets older. I wholeheartedly recommend these classes to anyone having a baby, even if it’s not your first. There’s always something new to learn. Thank you Baby Academy for making these classes available to us, I really did learn so much from you.

  • Faye SilukFaye Siluk

    My partner and I really appreciate the facilitation style of Baby Academy's classes. We have taken two so far, and both have felt surprisingly engaging considering they're online! Major kudos to the facilitators/educators, and the team of folks creating content. We love how you're not trying to oversell anything to us-- if anything, the "message" often comes back to basics. It's a much needed approach and mindset in this world where we're constantly being fed a "buy more" narrative. You're keeping it real, grounded, and truly supporting new parents! Thank you!

  • Ololade OmojolaOlolade Omojola

    It was a very educative session and time well spent. I am indeed grateful I attended the class.

  • Bouchra HelwiBouchra Helwi

    Your classes are a great way to prepare us and guide us through this journey. I learned a lot of new tricks and important information that I was not aware of and it's helping me keep calm and be ready to give birth with confidence. Thank you so much!
    Highly recommend every expectant mother to follow these classes