Should I Wake Up My Newborn Baby to Feed Him/Her?

Mandy, Midwife at The Baby Academy

In the very early days, your baby will continue to “make the plan” as we in The Baby Academy always say! Whether breast or bottle feeding, be baby-led in your actions, and don’t stress too much about the dreaded R-word (routine!) Baby led feeding means feeding at least every 3-4 hours until your baby is back up to their birth weight.

They lose weight in the first week or so and should be back up to birth weight by their 2 week check-up. Once this is confirmed, you don’t need to wake baby for feeds if they are sometimes snoozing for longer periods than 3-4 hours. Just relax and enjoy the rest! Always make a little mental note that baby is peeing about 6-7 times a day, this shows they are well hydrated”

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