As a new parent, you will be learning on the job…but you’re not alone.

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After baby arrives, it’s a time of incredible growth and development!

To give you confidence for your parenting journey, we have developed our Baby Growth Bundle, that covers key milestones for your baby, along with 1-to-1 email support.

How does our bundle work?

Part 1

1-to-1 email support for first 12 months of baby’s life

Get your pregnancy and parenting questions answered at your convenience. Support and advice that’s personal to you.

Part 2

Ultimate Baby Development Class

We cover everything you’ll want to know about baby’s progress, from infant development to baby milestones, month-by-month. Feel confident, learn how you can aid baby’s development, reduce your anxiety!

Part 3

Ultimate Starting Solids Class

Designed to help you understand the why, when, and how of starting your baby on solids. Get the skills and confidence you need to start introducing solid foods to your baby.

You don’t have the pick the dates for your two classes now.
When you purchase the bundle, you will receive an email with instructions on how to choose dates that work for your schedule.

Usually: $249
SPECIAL OFFER: Book by Midnight on Monday, 5 June and get our Baby Growth Bundle for HALF PRICE using coupon code: growthbundle50

Expert Healthcare Professionals you can trust

Hey, I’m Sue. I am the Founder of The Baby Academy, a Healthcare Professional and a mom of two…so I know first-hand how exciting and nerve-wracking those first key milestones can be!

Here at The Baby Academy, we created the Baby Growth Bundle to make sure that your transition to parenthood and those early stages of your baby’s growth and development are covered.

We often hear from parents who are worried about the lack of support offered when baby arrives home. Our Baby Growth Bundle is designed to ensure you confidently navigate the first year of your baby’s life. Knowing that if you have questions or knowledge gaps about certain milestones, our team of Expert Healthcare Professionals will guide you safely and confidently through your parenting journey.

Set the stage for your baby’s long-term health and well-being

1-to-1 email support for first 12 months of baby’s life

  • When you need support, we’re here. 1-to-1 Email Support from professional healthcare experts at your fingertips.
  • Get your baby growth questions answered at your convenience.
  • Support and advice that’s personal to you – from sign up to when baby is 12 months old.

Ultimate Baby Development Class

  • Baby development issues: How to identify them early
  • How to improve baby’s cognitive skills
  • How to improve your baby’s physical development
  • How to help your baby with key development milestones
  • Live Q&A with our Baby Development Expert

Ultimate Starting Solids Class

  • Your Baby’s Nutritional Needs
  • The Ideal First Foods
  • Unsuitable Foods for Baby
  • The Various Methods of Weaning – How To Approach This
  • Is This Normal? – The Question We Get Asked During Baby’s First Year of Solids
  • Common Allergens and Allergic Reactions
  • Gagging Vs. Choking
  • Follow-On Support
  • How To Manage An Infant Choking

Concerned about key milestones? We’re here to guide you

After baby arrives the months that follow may leave you feeling both blissful and blindsided! We’re here to make sure that your transition to parenthood and those early stages of your baby’s growth and development are covered.

What our customers say about us

  • Kathleen FernandezKathleen Fernandez

    Great classes with wonderful instructors! My husband and I are first-time parents away from family, so we wanted to join classes to have some idea of how to take care of our baby. Baby Academy's classes prepared us for childbirth, the first weeks, baby safety, development, solids, and more! That made being new parents a little less nerve-wracking.

  • Lorraine WalkerLorraine Walker

    The class was informative and interesting, and part of our package was being able to contact someone and hear back within 24 hours. I didn't hear back and it turned out there was an issue with the system.

    The Baby Academy went above and beyond to rectify things for me. I've never had better customer service. I would highly recommend these courses and more so for the customer service itself. Definitely worth it, especially if you haven't been able to attend other classes due to Covid and closures.

  • Ashley IrwinAshley Irwin

    Wonderful informative course. We had watched other videos previously and weren't sure we wanted to spend money on a course but we were glad we did. We started with the free courses offered by the Baby Academy and decided to take the bigger 7 hour one. We were able to ask lots of questions and come away feeling a lot more prepared.

  • Jordan RobsonJordan Robson

    My wife and I really loved the courses offered through the Baby Academy, they are thorough and help make things easy to understand in a fun and engaging way. Their expertise and help in answering the questions we had has made us feel more comfortable and helps to prepare us for the journey. They offer free workshops in addition to more in-depth workshops for a fee. We enjoyed every single one of these workshops and would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

  • Pascale MilnePascale Milne

    I enrolled in the Ultimate Baby First Aid class because I became a first time grandmother just three weeks ago. I was initially concerned that an online class would not leave me comfortable with knowing how to address emergencies that might require me to perform CPR or deal with a choking situation. After completing the class with the incredible instructor Kaila, however, I realize that I need not have been concerned. Kaila was so reassuring, thorough and knowledgeable. While I hope to never have to put into practice everything I learned, I now feel confident in my ability to know what to do and how to do it should the need arise. Whether you are a new parent, a caregiver, a family member or friend, or like me a new grandparent, I highly recommend this Baby Academy course. You will not regret it!