1-to-1 Email Support

When you need support, we’re here. 1-to-1 Email Support from
professional healthcare experts at your fingertips.

  • Get your pregnancy and parenting questions
    answered at your convenience.
  • Support and advice that’s personal to you – from sign up
    to when baby is 6 months old.
  • No more Dr. Google – just peace of mind, helping you
    feel more confident and prepared for your parenting journey.
    Find out more today!

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Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a receipt, which will include information on how to access the 1-to-1 Email Support.

1-to-1 Email Support
Is this normal?

The question moms and partners ask daily once baby arrives, on a variety of topics such as…

Childbirth preparation

Postpartum recovery support

Newborn care questions

Is this normal?

Sleep challenges

Personalized schedules

Feeling connected & supported by your partner

Baby safety at home

Preparing to return to work

Lactation & feeding questions

Emotional support & encouragement

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