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1-to-1 Email Support
Is this normal?

The question moms and partners ask daily once baby arrives, on a variety of topics such as…

Childbirth preparation

Postpartum recovery support

Newborn care questions

Is this normal?

Sleep challenges

Personalized schedules

Feeling connected & supported by your partner

Baby safety at home

Preparing to return to work

Lactation & feeding questions

Emotional support & encouragement

What our customers say about us

  • Isra ElahiIsra Elahi

    I have been attending several of their classes online from Calgary. Loveeee the amazing information and guidance imparted to moms-to-be. Such insightful courses and topics. Must recommended for all parents across Canada!!

  • Ololade OmojolaOlolade Omojola

    It was a very educative session and time well spent. I am indeed grateful I attended the class.

  • Kate MurphyKate Murphy

    First Six Weeks at Home Class - Great class! Would definitely recommend. The presenter was amazing! She was very personable and informative. The content was very relevant and a great balance of what mom can expect to experience with her postpartum (emotionally, physically, mentally) and what to expect in baby.

  • Stefania FontanaStefania Fontana

    These courses were super informative and insightful. I learned a lot from them and even purchased one of their ultimate classes to be better prepared for the arrival of our little one! I would highly recommend these classes for any one

  • kb3685kb3685

    I attended almost all of the free Baby Academy classes as well as a few paid ones in preparation for my first baby. Some were more helpful than others but I would still recommend taking every class you can. I found the Baby Development, Baby Safety and Breastfeeding classes to be the most helpful to me personally but the general Baby Care Class is also a MUST attend for everyone. The best part of these classes is that there is a live Q&A and sometimes that was as helpful as the information in the session itself. I even may re-attend some of the classes (like the starting solids one) as my little guy gets older. I wholeheartedly recommend these classes to anyone having a baby, even if it’s not your first. There’s always something new to learn. Thank you Baby Academy for making these classes available to us, I really did learn so much from you.